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Meet Bianca

Bianca de la Garza has been shaking things up for decades. The Emmy™- nominated journalist began her career in New England, covering events and speaking with some of the world’s most notable names. She launched her own talk show BIANCA in 2015, breaking down some serious boundaries as then the only woman in late night Television. Now, as the CEO of a multi-media company, Bianca has solidified herself as a leader in the Latino community and has branched out to empower women all over the world.

A maverick in her own right, this pioneering businesswoman has set out to change the game once again, as she is redefining beauty in every sense of the word. Bianca de la Garza is determined to flip the script on Beauty. No stranger to the damage of unattainable beauty standards, she’s spent more than two decades in the public eye. She recounts, despite having a number one rated morning show, being called into her boss’s office if a viewer called and complained about her appearance.

“It’s really crazy when you think about it…stereotypical images of beauty from when we are young have us hopping onboard the Barbie train and it’s hard to get off.” It’s precisely that sentiment that motivated de la Garza to launch her own beauty line, Bianca de la Garza Beauty. “Historically, women have been taught to cover up supposed flaws, or undergo painful and expensive surgery to alter their image. It’s ironic: we’re so cutting-edge in many ways, yet completely outdated in the beauty space.”

“We need to send a message that power is no longer reserved for a handful of executives in an ivory tower who don’t live in our world and can’t relate to our lives,” de la Garza continues. “What is beauty, who gets to define it, and how do we celebrate it for women around the world? Why it’s critical for everyone right now to be heard.”

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